Dinner commemorating the death of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor 10 years ago

The dinner event at Aphrodite Taverna (see here) is one month away. Thanks to Chris Joyce for organising everything. There are a couple of places still available, so if you would like to attend please let Chris have your details via chrisjoyce14 [at] outlook.com. 

A deposit of £20 per person is needed, payable to Chris who has covered this so far, upon your confrmation.

Looking forward to seeing you all there for what will be a splendid evening of drinking, eating, singing, reading and spechifying!


2 thoughts on “Dinner commemorating the death of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor 10 years ago

  1. Jerry D Moore

    For those of us living far from England, is there any way some of this occasion can be attended remotely?

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Jerry – this is something we can look at, but it does require someone to bring tech with them to the party. We could arrange a Google meet with a link for people to join but broadcasting will be the issue. At the end of this week I plan to announce a Zoom type gathering which may be a better way forward.


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