10th anniversary dinner – London

Following on from the list of potential options to mark the 10th anniversary of Paddy’s death, we are starting to see some ideas come to fruition as people have taken up the mantle and got on with things.

Dr Chris Joyce has arranged the first definite event, a dinner planned for 24th June at the Aphrodite Taverna, 15 Hereford Road, London, W2 4AB. Artemis Cooper will attend. The format is likely to be drinks followed by cold mezze, then hot mezze; plenty of wine and Retsina.  Some toasts, short speeches, short readings.  Chris regrets, no dancing on the tables.

Drinks probably from 1830. Maybe limited to 24 people so it will be first come, first served, and a deposit will be required at some point. Probably cost around £25 per head plus drinks.

To reserve your place, please contact Chris Joyce via chrisjoyce14 [at] outlook.com. Thanks to Chris for making all this possible!


9 thoughts on “10th anniversary dinner – London

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Hello Katrina – we are planning a luncheon at Dumbleton Hall. They’ve only just comeback to work so still in the planning stage. It would be wonderful if you could attend. Keep an eye out for details in the next few days.

  1. Pietro

    We’ll have a Greek dinner, we’ll toast to him and reminisce about Greece. Maybe read a few pages from Mani and listen to a few Greek song. I doubt we’ll dance on the table, alas! Well past our capabilities…

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  3. Julie Vick

    Wish I could attend but it’s not possible. Are there any US fans of Paddy interested in a Zoom toast to him?

  4. Sally Chester

    Great idea…sorry I’ll not be there. Midweek and a train trip with teaching the next day. It sounds a great plan.


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