Ill Met by Moonlight

These pictures are from the book by William Stanley Moss which documented the famous abduction of the commander of German forces in Crete, General Heinrich Kreipe. They show the development of the story from the planning stage, the ‘abduction gang’ selection, and pictures taken during the escape with the General to the south coast and freedom.


8 thoughts on “Ill Met by Moonlight

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  3. Spiro

    I am in touch with an Italian Publisher who is interested in publishing Moss’ book, anybody can help me finding out rights owners?

  4. Ron Nowicki

    Some years ago I met the Countess Sophia Tarnowska who was once married
    to Billy Moss. During the course of the interview she tried to tell me that there was
    some material about Christine Granville in the book – which there is not. I was at
    the time doing research for a biography of Christine. She repeated the story of life
    in Cairo, so brilliantly presented by Artemis Cooper, and also told me an interesting
    anecdote about Christine, Andrew Kennedy (Kowerski) and Vladimir Ledochowski,
    a Polish officer who had a brief affair with Christine in 1940. Those familiar with
    Christine’s story will know that after her murder in June 1952, Andrew and 4 SOE
    colleagues agreed a pact not to cooperate with journalists or would-be Christine
    biographers. In conducting my research I discovered a number of things which
    might have been embarrassing to him and to Christine.
    That group, calling themselves the Club of the Saved, maintained their silence for
    nearly 20 years and it was only when Vladimir allowed Andrew to read his proposed auto-
    biography, that Andrew decided it was time to find a writer who would produce his
    version of Christine’s life. That was Madeleine Masson.
    Tarnowska told me that Andrew hit the roof when he read passages in Vladimir’s
    book giving details of Christine’s love life with Andrew.
    After Andrew died in 1988 Paddy Leigh Fermor wrote a nice little piece about
    him in The Spectator.

    Ron Nowicki

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