Paddy’s wartime SOE file – complete

With thanks to Stephen Kippax. The file was opened to the public in August 2011 following Paddy’s death.



3 thoughts on “Paddy’s wartime SOE file – complete

  1. Ángel Carlos Aguayo Pérez

    Hi Paddy’s friends. I have two questions that perhaps you can answer for me. In 2 weeks I will travel to Albania, do you know where I can find out -book, article, etc.- about Paddy’s operations there during the Second World War? Regarding this one, do you know if the “Tara” house in Cairo is still standing? Has anyone been there? Wikipedia even gives some coordinates, but I don’t trust it… Thank you very much in advance.

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  3. John

    Absolutely brilliant documents. Thank you so much for posting them. So sad that Patrick is not with us. But we will remember him.


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