General Kreipe arrives in the UK

PW capture report on Kreipe

This is the last post in the series created by the excellent Chris White. He first published this on Facebook in 2020. During the first months of the pandemic, I was copying and pasting and adding his pictures to recreate here on the Paddy blog. I know that many of you have enjoyed this and your comments are appreciated. There will be a couple of follow on posts to tidy up this series, but once more, a huge round of thanks to Chris. I look forward to seeing Chris at the 10th anniversary dinner in June and passing on my personal appreciation.

29th May 1944. General Kreipe arrives in the UK after a brief period of time in Cairo being interrogated. Again, it is front page news.

Kreipe in UK 1


5 thoughts on “General Kreipe arrives in the UK

  1. Chris White

    Hi John
    Not the case….if you read the previous posts you will see it was front page news in Times, Telegraph etc even when Kreipe was still on island being exhilarated…
    Chris White

  2. Alun Davies

    Hi Tom – did you know that Kreipe ended up in a POW camp at Bridgend near Cardiff for the rest of the war. Details of the prisoners are on the web which gives his arrival and departure dates.

    We are camping in the New Forest.

    Best wishes


    Alun Davies
    07802 767877

  3. ian clark

    i wonder if he was held at trent park pow site??..i helped ch4 do a film..bugging hitler a few years was a large mansion where special captured german officers were held and it was bugged..they did reveal a lot ….

  4. johnstathatos

    Interesting to see that even though Kreipe’s capture “by a British raiding force” was made public, apparently within a month, very little was made of it in the British press. One would have expected that the story would either have been kept under wraps for security reasons, or else played up for propaganda purposes; in fact, it seems to have been treated so blandly as to have remained almost invisible.


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