Thank you for Friday!

Just a quick note to thank all of you who attended the Paddy Chat on Friday. We had a really interesting and eclectic mix of people from the USA, Germany, Belgium, the UK, a Briton on holiday in Greece, and a particularly devoted fan from Melbourne, Australia (0300 his time!).

We covered a range of topics, but mostly how we came to find Paddy.

Perhaps we might have one in the lead-up to Christmas, and I thought we could discuss Paddy at Christmas 🙂

For those who attended and still wish to access the information I mentioned, please contact me using the Gmail account on the About and Contact page.


11 thoughts on “Thank you for Friday!

  1. Francesca

    so sorry I could not make it, despite confirming attendance to Tom.. I do not whether Wendy from US was among you (Wendy if you are in Rome pls just get in touch with me via Tom!)
    Looking forward to the Christmas event. Stay safe! Francesca

  2. Southwing Fine Books

    Hello Tom—Lovely to to talk to people. I was particularly disappointed with the Australian [non-] participation. As many would know, and migrants have learned, we have no such word as “can’t” in Australia. The word is always “how?” I think that’s something the Cretans, SOE, and the PLFs of this world would never dare to disagree with. I will email you shortly. For now, I will introduce myself as Stefan of Southwing Fine Books (currently in abeyance). But I am working hard on what I hope will be a fitting tribute to PLF—the Bibliography.


      1. Southwing Fine Books

        Two emails coming Tom. One for you; one I should like you to make public to all your members because the Bibliography will get done in half the time if I can secure help. There will be a dedicated email address and, I assure you, I will be dealing with ALL correspondence. Keep walking! (I am currently allowed only five kilometres in Australia—one companion—though I have walked the whole of the Pennine Way!)


    1. JANE

      One of my favourite PLF references is in the Hill of Kronos / Peter Levi …..because he is not actually named !! very Peter Levi understated.


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