Paddy chat 24 September – meeting details

For all of you who have expressed an interest in our meeting on Friday 24th September, and even for those that haven’t yet, here’s the link to the meeting.

Click this link!

Just click on the link to enter the meeting with your camera on. If it’s a little chaotic at first don’t worry. Relax and drink some gin or a cup of tea. If things go wrong there’s little I can do to support you so please keep trying. Nothing should go wrong, but …

Start time will be 1800 BST. The event will run for 90 minutes. Feel free to come and go as you please. Late arrivals always welcome! Do be prepared to say something or even read us something you like. We will try to stick to some of the suggested topics, especially how academics might view Paddy’s work as we may have young student guest who is working on this! Let’s see how it goes.

Further information and how to make sure you can use Google Meets (you will need a Google account – just create one!) can be found in this post.

After the meeting I shall issue all those who attend with a link to something special in the Paddy video world. If it works! A special surprise I hope.


5 thoughts on “Paddy chat 24 September – meeting details

  1. Chris & Michelle O’Gorman

    So sorry to be missing this, Tom, it’s our last night in Crete. I hope it goes really well.

    All the best


    Sent from our iPad


  2. Brent McCunn

    Would love to attend, but the current time difference make 18:00 BST a tad early/late (03:00) for this dowunder contingent. These online group gatherings are a good idea. Some other societies/history groups I am attached to do similar. Some of these are headquartered in the northern hemisphere and have managed to organise a few meetings, with time zone differences, that fit with members/interested parties in other time zones. Perhaps an idea for another future online meeting. Downunder and the UK become GMT+11 when the UK reverts to wintertime and Australia/N go to summer time. Perhaps a slightly later start time (during that period) in the UK and we can have coffee and croissants to balance out the G+T’s.

  3. Francesca Siniscalchi

    Deligthed to attend. Hoping I will catch up with participants of 2.7. Emails remained to be shared with some participants!


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