Proposed online discussion to remember Paddy – 2 July 2021

A few weeks ago when I asked for suggestions as to how we might mark the tenth anniversary of Paddy’s death, some of you suggested an online discussion.

Little more has been heard about ideas for taking this forward, so I have decided to try to run something myself. There is no specific agenda, but we will have to have some sort of order. We might wish to introduce ourselves; talk about how we came to discover Paddy; our meetings with him; what inspires us about him or his work, even today; perhaps some selected readings. 

The idea is to run an initial 90 minute session (come and go as you please) early on a Friday evening as this should allow the widest time-zone coverage, allowing for breakfast in California and evening across Europe. Despite a reasonably large Paddy following in Australia, it is almost impossible to arrange a respectable time that works (for what is a social event) for the Antipodes. We may be able to record the meeting for later viewing.

In order to keep this as simple as possible I plan to use Google Meets. This is free and we have no real limit on numbers. To attend you will need a Google account. If you don’t have one you can create one just for this meeting. Using Zoom would have involved cost; it may be something to consider if we decide to repeat the idea on a regular basis.

If you are interested in attending please add a comment below so I get an idea of interest in order to decide whether or not to proceed.


Date and Time: 1800-1930 BST Friday 2 July

Location: Google Meets – see link here for requirements including web browser

Invitation: a link will be posted on the blog nearer the time – you will have to click in or accept. There will be no invitation to your calendar so you will have to make your own reminder.

Special Invitations: If you have in mind someone that you would like to attend, please pass on the details to them. If there is anyone you might like me to invite eg a writer or someone similar, please make your suggestion and I’ll see what I can do.

Hosting and Admin: I shall host to start with but this is your meeting so very happy that you take over! If anyone wishes to contact me via email to help with any admin that will be welcomed.

Dress and Protocols: Wear anything you like, or not as the case may be! Bring a drink (Vodka tonic?). I see this as a “camera on” event, otherwise things get very sterile talking to blank black windows on a conference call. As a courtesy to others I think that you should be prepared to have your camera on so we can see you if you wish to attend. In my experience, the quality of video calling makes for flattering images!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post a comment below or contact me via gmail address.


19 thoughts on “Proposed online discussion to remember Paddy – 2 July 2021

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  2. Southwing Fine Books

    Sorry, Tom.
    I am using the latest Mac and Safari but Google don’t want me. I truly wished to get the Bibliography going. I spent a fortune last night on mobile calls getting my young people to help me. I do not have a phone and only a vague idea of what an “app” is. Please let members know that I am still working on the Bibliography and I’d like any help people may be able to offer.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Stefan – best to use google Chrome browser. Events have overtaken moe so not been able to follow up on the Bibliography but will have some time from August

  3. Francesca Siniscalchi

    Hello, thank you so much for the initiative, I appreciate it immensely, I as hesitant to reply because I was not sure to be able to attend. This is a difficult period and I consider Paddy a lifeline. I keep wandering in Rumelia and forget about the rest… Shall I just try to step in on Google meets then? Many thanks!

      1. Wendy White

        Looking forward to learning about you and Roumeli, Francesca. Have spent much time in and around Preveza, Roman/Early Byzantine site of Nicopolis.

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  5. JANE

    Thanks Tom for organising this.
    I do hope that you can record the meeting for later viewing …….. yes, I am another interested Australian PLF enthusiast,

  6. pmw2040

    I’m in Australia- if the participants are in agreement it would be great to have a recording- I’m sure the conversations will be interesting!

  7. Southwing Fine Books

    Comment added; count me in. No need to apologise to Australians. It’s astonishing to think that we got the Olympics in the “moving television” era. I’m in touch with one Australian PLF collector. Dearly love to get a little group going here.
    Stefan [the Marmite Smuggler] of Southwing Fine Books

  8. Wendy White

    Hoping to navigate the Google Meet from NEW Hampshire. Consider myself lucky to have once spent an Athens evening with Paddy and Joan and known various good friends of theirs in Greece starting in my early twenties back in the late 60s.Back then I was aware of almost nothing of the context I now know. Thanks for all you put into this blog.


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