Paddy chat 2 July – meeting details

For all of you who have expressed an interest in our meeting tomorrow, and even for those that haven’t yet, here’s the link to the meeting.

Click this link!

Just click on the link to enter the meeting with your camera on. If it’s a little chaotic at first don’t worry. Relax and drink some gin or a cup of tea. If things go wrong there’s little I can do to support you so please keep trying. Nothing should go wrong, but …

Start time is 1800 BST. The event will run for 90 minutes. Feel free to come and go as you please. Late arrivals always welcome! Do be prepared to say something or even read us something you like. Let’s see how it goes.

Further information and how to make sure you can use Google Meets (you will need a Google account – just create one!) can be found in this post.

Over the weekend I plan to post some videos of the dinner held in London last Thursday which was very successful.


2 thoughts on “Paddy chat 2 July – meeting details

  1. Julie Miller Vick

    I missed the Paddy discussion because I thought it was 1800 EST, not BST. I am so disappointed but hope everyone had a wonderful time talking about him. When I was a Classics major in college and preparing to go to Greece in the summer to travel and then be part of an archaeological dig in Cyprus my ancient Greek teacher did an independent study of modern Greek with me. He also introduced me to Patrick Leigh Fermor and the first of his books that I read was Roumeli. I’ve read most of his books, the biography by Artemis Cooper and I got to see the exhibit of Leigh Fermor, Ghikas and Caxton at the Benaki Museum in Athens in 2017. Not everyone knows about Paddy so I was really looking forward to talking about him with others. Oh well. I hope to hear how it went.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Hi Julie. So sorry that we got confused by time zones. It was lovely for all, but we shall run it again. We’d love to hear more about you and your experiences. That was mainly how it went. Time passed so quickly. Next time please join! Tom


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