Virtual journeys – Istanbul to Edinburgh

One of my favourite posts is about Owen Martel’s journey from Istanbul to Edinburgh. Posted in 2012 I have always enjoyed this video; I guess it lets me imagine myself on such a long, epic walk. Maybe it does the same for you too.

His video is an all-time favourite and it brought the excellent band Darlingside to my attention with their beautiful song “The Ancestor”. Their harmonies are superb.

The crazy Owen subsequently walked for seven months across the US pulling a cart.

Part of a series of posts to help you escape during the Covid-1 lockdown/travel restrictions.


2 thoughts on “Virtual journeys – Istanbul to Edinburgh

  1. Elisabeth Hafner-Canal

    Thank you to Owen Martel for taking me out of logdown here in London into to the big wide World out there with his walk from Istanbul to Edinburgh, accompanied by this lovely Song, which reminds me of one of my facourite travel books by Patrick Leigh Fermor ‘A Time of Gifts’, including ‘Between the Woods and the Water’ and ‘The Broken Road.

  2. pmw2040

    Oh thank you for these links- just watched the short intro and now really looking forward to watching the rest. I haven’t heard of him before – quality looks good too.
    Time to sit back and be inspired and look to future adventures – buy maybe for me not quite as epic!


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