Time to put on your boots and escape …

A few months ago I mentioned that Owen Martel had walked from Istanbul to Edinburgh using a different route to Paddy via the Alps. Now, six months after finishing the walk his collaboration with the Boston band Darlingside (http://www.darlingside.com/) has produced an offshoot short video combining footage from the walk with a song from their upcoming album Pilot Machines.  Given that the distance was something in the order of three thousand miles, the compression to three minutes of screen time makes for quite the whirlwind tour.

The video has joined Owen’s other walk-related media at his Walk Across Europe blog site.

Given how absolutely miserable the weather is here in England, I post this as a means of escape, even if only for three minutes. I hope you can feel the sun and the wind when you watch it, just ignore the occasional buckets of rain; he was in training for his time across the Channel.


2 thoughts on “Time to put on your boots and escape …

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