Patrick Leigh Fermor in Crete – a reminder of better times

Members of the International Lawrence Durrell Society & Patrick Leigh Fermor Society visit Crete in 2018, following Paddy’s paths… The meeting took place in Heraklion Crete in a historical farm… and features our good friedn Chris White in his straw sun hat and white beard!

I just thought i would share this as it reminds us of those far off sunny days when we were able to travel and to share good food and drink together.


3 thoughts on “Patrick Leigh Fermor in Crete – a reminder of better times


    I should have been leaving for PLF’s Traditional house in a month’s time; all now sadly cancelled. This evocative video tugged at my heartstrings, and has made me more determined than ever to return to the beautiful country which I call my second home, and which will need all the tourism it can get to survive the economic fallout of this dreadful time.


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