Event – screening of Ill Met by Moonlight in Melbourne, Australia

Great to see that the inestimable Brent McCunn and the Cretan community in Melbourne have been able to arrange a screening of the film to mark the 75th anniversary of the kidnap. I’m sure it will be a great success. All are welcome but maybe best to add a comment here for numbers if you are in town and can make it.

Date – 12 May. Location – Melbourne Cultural Centre, Lonsdale St Melbourne. Further details will follow.

The event has the full backing the of the cultural events coordinator and the Cretan Community committee. Brent tells me that “as with all things Greek, final details are still being out into place. This is all organised by volunteers within the Greek community. Hopefully we will have a display of original era posters that promoted the original release of the movie. Efforts are being made too arrange some Cretan Music … this will be a free public event. We will also highlight the Moss Family Scholarship provided to Cretan Students from the royalties derived form the movie rights.”

Have a wonderful time and we look forward to the report!


3 thoughts on “Event – screening of Ill Met by Moonlight in Melbourne, Australia

  1. Andrew Darbyshire

    I’ve already seen this movie on DVD, bur will definitely attend with a friend, for the chance to see it on the big screen. I’ve read the book by Patrick Leigh Fermor, ‘Abducting a General’, which was an enthralling account of this amazing escapade and the movie pretty well does justice to this incredible achievement, though in a more abbreviated fashion.

    I also look forward to the Cretan music. Several years ago at a concert in the Melbourne Forum theatre I was totally mesmerized by the maestro Cretan lyra player Psarantonis.

    Andrew D.

  2. Sean Deany

    Look forward to a screening of Ill Met by Moonlight in Melbourne, my home town and in the company of our wonderful Greek community. The proposed screening is just in time after my return from a little walk I’m completing with two friends from my front doorstep in Fitzroy to Sydney – 1250 km, something Paddy would have done without much fuss.

  3. Southwing Fine Books

    I will be attending, my wife will, I expect a budding military historian would likely join us, and possibly two others. That makes five. I much doubt that this event will be cancelled. If we have Cretan music, all the better. If further confirmation is required, I’d appreciate a further post here.

    I live in Oakleighopolis in Melbourne and couldn’t be happier. I can buy real vinegar made by monks in quite a few Greek places, including Crete. A very good neighbour is “Peter”. You must NOT call him Panagiotis, though that’s his name. He’s from the Messenian Peninsula but knew Kardamyli when I spoke to him about it. Most of us keep an eye on Giorgo, who’s going on 90 but still refusing to join his wife in a care home. George is from up near the Albanian border and, remarkably, remembers the strange Cretans of the 5th Division from when he was a child. And the fellow at the corner keeps himself to himself. His name is Kosta. As I hadn’t spoken to him before, I started chatting with Peter and George. I asked Kosta where he was from: “Greece”. Whereabouts? “Crete”. Whereabouts in Crete? “Xania”. This was getting silly: “Whereabouts in Xania?” He was actually from Mournies. That’s cheating: as far as I know, Mournies is still a village.

    I have made five visits to Crete and spent nearly a year of my life there mostly in Xania and exploring the White Mountains. I am getting on now, but I wonder if one more visit might be within me?



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