Faces of the week

I’m digging deep into my archive of draft articles to surface some items about Paddy that have been languishing there, in some cases for years.

This piece tells us nothing new, but fulfils my original purpose to bring together all that I could find about Paddy online into one place. It also reminds us how much web pages have changed since 2004!! More of these to follow.

Click here to launch the page from the BBC.




1 thought on “Faces of the week

  1. helenruston6376

    Loved reading that very well written “spot on” description of Paddy. Truly captured him. I know he was not thrilled with the movie version of the capturing of the German general .. thought it treated the Resistance badly. Also, Paddy met the general after the war and reminisced about their mutual love of poetry. War is hell!! .


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