The Cretan Runner Museum

If holidaying in Crete this year, you may wish to make a visit to the Cretan Runner Museum. The Museum celebrates the life and achievements of George Psychoundakis, and is based in his village of Asi Gonia.

It was established by his son Nikos Psychoundakis and grandsons George and Stelios Psychoundakis, in a building built by the late George Psychoundakis himself. The purpose of this museum is to exhibit and share important documents, books, photos, missions with friends and colleagues and other various personal objects of George’s with the public instead of being stored away in cupboards and boxes.

A dedication in Greek by Patrick Leigh Fermor with typical seagulls!

The museum has no website, but there is a Facebook page with further information.


3 thoughts on “The Cretan Runner Museum

  1. Steve white

    This is lovely little museum dedicated to a truly amazing man, who encountered many dangers before, during and after WW2. The word “Hero” is used far too much, but in the case of George Psychcoundakis it is the right word.

  2. John Bates

    Having visited Asigonia following the trail of George’s travels across the island and in awe of his achievements congratulations to his son and grandchildren for making this museum a place to celebrate George’s life. May it also bring more visitors to the village and income to the local economy.
    Having walked up the riverbed approaching the village one begins to understand the hardships the country folk of Crete went through in and after the Second World War.

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