5 thoughts on “Spirit of Place Lawrence Durrell’s Greece

  1. Sue Gibbons

    Dear Tom,
    I have been waiting for the right moment to watch this uninterrupted as I could tell it was going to be a gem & it turned out to be even more of a gem than anticipated. Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it.
    Many, many thanks for finding it and posting. You do a great job.
    All best wishes,

  2. richardpine

    Could someone please explain how a film made in 1975 (“Lawrence Durrell’s Greece”) when Durrell was 63 years old, could be a celebration of his 70th birthday?

  3. William Apt

    ISLANDS OF THE MIND, a symposium this June in Corfu, hosted by the Durrell Library of Corfu, mainly focusing on the lives and writings of Lawrence Durrell, Gerald Durrell, and Theodore Stepanides, with speakers including Lee Durrell, Joanna Hodgkin, Richard Pine and Dominic Green. For information contact durrelllibrarycorfu@gmail.com.


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