£1 a week – Nick has arrived in Constantinople!

He left England on a warm and balmy December 8 2011, and has today, 17 July 2012, arrived in the hot and bustling melting pot of Istanbul as we in England endure the foulest, accursed summer weather.

Nick’s boots, which he had just had repaired by a Romanian cobbler in Turda when I met up with him in Cluj in May, have finally collapsed, and it appears that his emotions are about to undertake a twisting, heaving, never experienced before maelstrom of sweet contradictions as he comes to terms with the conclusion of so much commitment, planning, and effort.

Link to here to read his immediate thoughts and follow him in the coming days as he tries to come to terms with his next steps.

As we discussed in Cluj, he could not see how after reaching his goal he could just jump on to the next plane home; and why would he want to? He faces the ‘plan your journey’ congestion of the Olympics and rain, and floods, and worst of all … normality.

Paddy would have been very proud of him; I am sure of that. And we all are.

Well done Nick!!!!


1 thought on “£1 a week – Nick has arrived in Constantinople!

  1. Alun

    Really good effort Nick, well done – please let me know when I can buy you a celebratory lunch in Bristol – this year or next. Still kicking my self for missing you in Cluj in April-!
    Best wishes – Alun


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