An award in memory of William Stanley Moss at University of Crete

Gabriella Bullock (Left) and guests at the inaugural awards 21 July 2015

Gabriella Bullock (Left) and guests at the inaugural awards 21 July 2015

In July, Gabriella Bullock, one of “Billy” Moss’ daughters, travelled to Crete with her husband Hugh to present the inaugural prize in Billy’s memory at the University of Crete in Rehtymnon. The annual William Stanley Moss award is open to graduate students of the Faculty of Philosophy studying the subjects of Philology, History and Archaeology.

Gabriella is funding the award from royalties of her father’s books as an expression of gratitude and debt to the Cretan people on behalf of her father. She described the whole experience as ‘very moving, very dignified and warm and emotional for everyone.’

The ceremony on 21 July was attended by the Metropolitan of Rethymno and Avlopotamos the Reverend Nicholas Nikiforakis, the Rector Euripides C. Stephen, the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy Lucia Athanassakis, the Dean of the School of Education Anthony Chourdakis, the Chairman of the Department of Literature Angela Kastrinaki the President of Department of History and Archaeology Antonia Kiousopoulou, Emeritus Professor Anastasios Nikolaidis, Professors of academic departments of the University of Crete, Foundation staff and students.

Gabriella and Hugh went on to deliver talks in Anogeia and Patsos where they met many relatives of those who worked with Billy and Paddy in those desperate days of the war.


3 thoughts on “An award in memory of William Stanley Moss at University of Crete

  1. John Edward Youde

    How wonderful of Gabriella to fund this award from royalties received from her Father William Stanley’s books (a wonderful and very courageous man). Equally what a great expression of gratitude and debt for the Cretan People he knew so well and helped during this very sad part of History.

    Well Done Gabriella. Take Care & Godbless

    John Youde

    1. Gabriella Bullock

      Thank you so much for this lovely message – and I do apologise for only just having found it!
      The ceremony in Rethymno felt very cathartic. There was no whitewash, no false glorification: instead, the presentation by Prof. Lucia Athanassaki of the Department of Philology, though not long, was extremely wide-ranging and thoughtful – indeed philosophical. It was followed by a short pithy speech by the Rector, Prof. Euripides Stephanou, and by my own speech (a mixture of English and Greek); then the prize-giving to three deeply impressive young people, each of whom gave a moving and memorable acceptance speech in both Greek and English.
      In short, while focusing on my father and his Cretan comrades-in-arms, the ceremony also seemed to give expression to the feelings of their children and grandchildren, and to the reverberations down the years of wartime events.
      There was not time, on this occasion, to visit Patsos, as we were in Crete for less than 3 days; but we were hugely touched that friends from Patsos came to Rethymno for the ceremony.
      We did visit Anogeia. It was a very intimate occasion. The welcome we were given was very humbling. The year before we had made a single gift to the Mayor, which this year had been distributed among several outstanding students. It was a one-off occasion.
      In contrast, the two prizes for students of the University of Crete will be available annually. There will be one prize each in the field of Letters and of History. This year, as there were two outstanding students in Letters, the prize was split between them – hence the 3 prize-winners. These annual prizes are of course open to all students, who may come from Anogeia or Patsos or one of the many, many other communities which so bravely supported and protected my father, and paid such a high price. But as was clearly demonstrated, the ceremony in Rethymno touched everyone there, wherever they were from and whatever their wartime family history, and embraced us all.
      Your message was very heart-warming, and I thank you for it. Please tell me about yourself. Meanwhile God bless you too

      1. Evi Dimitrakaki

        As one of the students honored with the prize, I would like to thank Mrs Bullock for establishing and funding it. Mostly though I am grateful, because she recognizes the fights made by her father and our own people!
        Thank you for everything!


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