The global choir of roosters

Dear readers,

I am on a train and have received an email from a follower of the blog who asks “can you help me find a passage in which Paddy describes a global choir of roosters crowing as the sun rises around the globe?”

My first thoughts are to Roumeli, but then perhaps Mani.

Can anyone help us both?

4 thoughts on “The global choir of roosters

  1. David Barker

    Henry Miller at the end of his book The Colossus of Marousi adds a letter from Lawrence Durrell describing the incident. Late at night, very drunk. Durrell, Miller and George Katsimbalis (The Colossus of Marousi) climbed up the Acropolis. Katsimbalis yelled out “Do you want to hear the cocks of Attica?”, stood on the edge of the precipice and sent out a blood-curdling cry “Cock a Doodle Do”. It echoed all over the city. He continued screaming until the whole night was alive with cockcrows. Durrell refers to it as “the frantic psaltery of the Attic cocks”. Paddy refers to it in Mani” as noted by others above.

  2. Nigel Dipper

    Hello Tom,
    You are right. The roosters echoing around the world are in Mani. Page 123 of the first edition towards the end of chapter 9.
    I’ve always liked that crazy idea of his. Very typical.
    All the best,

  3. Nassos Papalexandrou

    This reminds me of a passage in Henry Miller’s Colossus of Maroussi. It takes place on the Acropolis when an eccentric pet manages to make all roosters in Athens sound in choir…Does this help?


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