In Full – Paddy on the South Bank Show 1989

Many of you have asked about, or searched for, this old video of Paddy talking to Melvyn Bragg at his home in Kardamyli. It was broadcast in 1989. We were able to offer you an excerpt in 2019, but now I have come across a video of the complete show.

As ever, we know these things can be swiftly removed due to copyright issues so if you wish to view Paddy in one of his best interviews I would advise taking time to view quickly.

Here is the direct link to You Tube.

As an alternative you might try to download the video. There are a number of programs available if oyu search on Google.


7 thoughts on “In Full – Paddy on the South Bank Show 1989


    Thank you for retrieving the video!
    so pleased to see my Uncle, Xan Fielding and to hear both PLF and X F voices.

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  3. Martin Henderson

    Thank you very much for digging this out and making it available. A wonderful memento of a unique man. Hugely appreciated.


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