A milestone: over two million views

Some of you may be interested to know that sometime over the last few days the blog passed the point of two million views since I started it on 21 March 2010. The first post being about Ralph Stockbridge and not Paddy!

There are now 1,007 posts, and we have over 452,000 visitors to the site in that time. I do have around 250 posts in some form of draft state. I guess many of them may be duplicates or redundant now, but there is some life left in us yet!

You made this happen and thank you to all visitors for your support over these eleven years.

Don’t forget if you wish to publish something just get in contact with me atsawford [at] gmail .com


2 thoughts on “A milestone: over two million views

  1. Sue Gibbons

    So well done Tom! It’s a great blog & a wonderful tribute to PLF. Very happy to hear there’s ‘still life’ left!
    Best Wishes,


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