Marking the tenth anniversary of Paddy’s death

This coming June it will be ten years since Paddy’s death. I feel it is appropriate that we should somehow mark this anniversary in one or more ways.

I have a few related items which I may be able to post, but I would like to ask you, loyal readers, for any ideas that you may have or anything that you wish to share.

Let’s open the floor to anyone, any idea, and anything, and let June be a blitz of Paddy related memories and material.

Send me your ideas via the comment facility here, or email me as found in About & Contacts. Whilst we are on that subject, I have recently discovered that BT Internet appears to block emails originating from Gmail accounts. There is nothing I can do about this. So if you have mailed me and I have not replied it may be that I never received the email. You can also send me email via atsawford [@]  and that should get through.


6 thoughts on “Marking the tenth anniversary of Paddy’s death

  1. Chris & Michelle OGorman

    Thank you for this opportunity, Tom. Is there any possibility we could perhaps do a virtual Paddy mini-conference? It is very short notice I know, but equally there are some very knowledgeable people around who might have talks that they have already written, ready to go? It would also be good if we could get some press coverage – or maybe there could be a PLF anniversary crowd fund for something Paddy would have cared about? Maybe for the Benaki, or for Greek or Cretan veterans?

    Glad to think these through more if it helps.

    Every best wish

    Chris O’Gorman


  2. Julie Vick

    I like the bibliography idea a lot.
    I also wonder if it would be possible to have a virtual conference where members could volunteer to give short talks on some aspect such as Paddy’s life and history, his writings, Greece, as well as why he is important to them.

  3. Southwing Fine Books

    Hi Tom
    I contacted you a couple of years ago about work I’ve been doing for a couple of decades now. The years, alas, catch up with me and the information stream today means my work may be out of date tomorrow. In short, I was trying to compile a Bibliography of PLF.
    I know you have a link which you call “Bibliography” but it is not one booksellers, collectors and librarians call so.
    My suggestion is that, collectively, we start the true Bibliography. I know from prior contacts that members here are themselves knowledgeable collectors and probably have much to offer.
    I have stated in the past that I am a bookseller and I would be willing to do much of the work. But here’s the rub:
    You would have to do the fiddling about to get it online—more work for you. Let’s hear what members think.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Hi Stefan – I may still have that email buried in my backlog! Happy to do some fiddling; depends what’s involved and there are some limits to what I can in in WordPress but let’s look at this. As you say my attempt is poor and I just don’t have the time to maintain it. I think this would be a real positive to mark this anniversary. Let’s try to take this forward. Could you please email me again with the idea and approach? Thanks.

      1. Southwing Fine Books

        Thank you Tom
        Email gone off timed about now to both of your email addresses.
        I think this would be a real positive too.

  4. Nicolas Ruelle

    Great idea! If you think it would be appropriate to organise some sort of event in France as part of the overall anniversary celebrations, I am willing to help.
    Best regards,
    Nicolas Ruelle


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