The Joys of Greek Food – With Elizabeth David on her wartime culinary journey across Greece

This popped into my email this morning. Elizabeth David was a well known food writer of the 1950’s. She also knew Paddy, has a biography written by Artemis Cooper, and is up there with the list of British Philhellenes. I thought that it might keep you occupied as you commute from your bedroom to the lounge via the kitchen.

You can read the article in Neos Kosmos here.

If you do get lost on your new journey to work. Here is a useful map with some ideas for what to do this coming weekend.


4 thoughts on “The Joys of Greek Food – With Elizabeth David on her wartime culinary journey across Greece

  1. Julie Miler Vick

    I loved this article and am thrilled to know that Elizabeth David was a fellow philhellene. I have not used her cookbooks but several slightly older friends swear by her recipes and her writing. In June 1977 my husband and I took five weeks to travel around Greece for our honeymoon. It was a glorious trip that started in Athens then onto Delphi and the Peloponnese, then a weeklong cruise around the Ionian Islands followed by Crete and Santorini, and then an unexpected visit to Syros. We were taking overnight ferries to save hotel money and expected to change ferries in Syros and head to Mykonos. However as we were pulling in to Ermoupoli, the ferry we planned to take was leaving. So we found a hotel right on the harbor, took a rest, and then walked around the city stopping for lunch where we had what was still the best pizza we have ever had. It was the homegrown oregano that made it so delicious. We walked around the square with the residents that night, had another delicious meal and left on the ferry the next morning. Thanks for rekindling the memory. I’d love to revisit Syros one day.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      That’s a lovely story Julie and I’m glad that you enjoyed this article. Worth it just for you!


  2. Chris & Michelle OGorman

    Thank you, a wonderful article.

    And thank you for all you do with this blog, it helps keep me going!




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