Stavros Niarchos Foundation artists fellowship visit Kardamyli

In 1996 Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor donated their home to the Benaki Museum expressing the desire to host scholars and artists, and to remain open to the public.

Thanks to a significant grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), necessary repairs have now been completed, and the House is ready to function as an educational center.

On Monday, September 23rd, 2019, ten young Greek artists participating in the ARTWORKS Stavros Niarchos Foundation Fellowship Program visited the House in Kardamyli, Mani.

This is what happened.


3 thoughts on “Stavros Niarchos Foundation artists fellowship visit Kardamyli

  1. Giuseppe Spampinato

    I completely agree with Mr. Gurris on his comment above.
    If you check how much one night of stay cost you can see that we are talking about 15 k of Euros per night.

    Reducing that beautiful place to a money center is quiet disturbing.

  2. helenruston6376H

    Looked lovely .. love the art works .. wish to see more. Thanks for sharing .. the home looks
    wonderful .. just as if Joan and Patrick just left for a swim .. any cats about? So refreshing to see during these trying times when the whole world has shut its doors to a deadly virus. . unprecedented! The ancient Greeks would probably consult the oracle.

  3. Patrick Gurris

    I don’t think Patrick Leigh Fermor would be very happy about the way the SNF and the Benaki Museum are handling applications for the stay at the house in Kardamyli (which I also visited in 2019, albeit as a private person). It is very elitist and restricted and non-transparent. Unless you have very good connections (nepotism) to the SNF it seems impossible to take part. The whole thing seems more of a fig leaf of culture to cover their tax-saving operations.


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