Normal service to resume

Hola to you all. I have returned safe, if not entirely sound, from my six week journey to Santiago and Finisterre. A truly wonderful experience full of discovery, adventure, friendship, and a lot of soul searching. At some point I may write about it, but in the meantime there is plenty of catching up to do on Paddy, the Broken Road and the successful Transylvanian Book Festival.

I will try to resume normal service as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of taking any one of the many pilgrim routes to Santiago de Compostela, all I can say is go, travel light, and travel slow. There were people out there from 10 to 91 years.

Approaching Villamayor de Monjardin just after sunrise

Approaching Villamayor de Monjardin just after sunrise


7 thoughts on “Normal service to resume

  1. Richard Little

    Bravo Zulu = Well Done ( from the Naval Signal Book !) , Tom and welcome back. Life has been less without you, Sir

  2. Julian

    Welcome back. Glad you are safe.

    I’m looking forward to new posts here. Life isn’t quite the same without regular emails telling me that there is a new post on this site to read!

    That’s a lovely photo at the top of this page – if you do write about your journey, and I shall read it with great interest if you do, I hope there will be lots more pictures too.

  3. Blake More

    The possibility that you may write about your trip to Compostela gives me, and surely some others, something to look forward to. Meanwhile, please know that I am green with envy.


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