Patrick Leigh Fermor – the journey continues

From time to time, the Benaki Museum publishes a supplement to its regular journal, and the 9th Supplement is a masterpiece dedicated to Paddy’s life.

Well bound, and coffee table book sized, there are over twenty new articles exploring a range of topics including Paddy’s intimates and friends, his walks, the Cretan resistance, wider discussions of Greece, Paddy’s writing and of course the house.

The Benaki have assembled a remarkable collection of writers including Hamish Robertson, Cressida Connolly, the Marques de Tamaron, Nick Hunt, John Kitmer, Chris White, Colin Thubron, John Julius Norwich, Adam Sisman, and Roberto Calasso amongst others.

The supplement is available from the Benaki Museum shop for 18 Euros plus worldwide DHL shipping.

Details of the contents are here.


5 thoughts on “Patrick Leigh Fermor – the journey continues

  1. Jonathan Morgan

    I bit the bullet and paid the postage. Fascinating collection of articles but many in Greek only and no translation. I am not a little Englander and speak French and bad German but sadly my Greek is lacking. A translation alongside the Greek would assist many of us.

  2. Jerry Moore

    I attempted to puchase the book, but the web page wanted not only my email address but my email password. Seriously?

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Maybe you needed to register to go through the online purchase process and that was the password it was requesting?

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Yes it is quite expensive, but that is the sort of shipping rate that one might expect to pay for one-off items. A lot, but typical in the market. You can contact the Benaki shop at this email address to discuss the matter further and see what options there might be.


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