Event: The Cretan Legacy

The kidnap gang pose before the action (Courtesy of Estate of William Stanley Moss)

The kidnap gang pose before the action (Courtesy of Estate of William Stanley Moss)

Our good friend, ex-Coldstream Guards officer, sometime Pilgrim, and author of In the Dolphin’s Wake and Like a Tramp, Like a Pilgrim, Harry Bucknall has been busy over the summer arranging a very special event be held at Waterstones Piccadilly on Wednesday 26th October at 7pm. The Cretan Legacy, a panel discussion, will examine the SOE abduction of General Heinrich Kreipe carried out by Paddy Leigh Fermor, Billy Moss and men of the Greek Andantes on Crete in 1943.

The panel, chaired by former Irish Guards Officer and SAS Squadron Commander, James Lowther-Pinkerton, will include Alan Ogden, SOE expert and author of Sons of Odysseus; Chris White, contributing author to Abducting a General; Rick Stroud, author of Kidnap in Crete and Dr Klaus Schmider, military historian, senior lecturer at the Dept of War Studies, RMA Sandhurst and Wehrmacht expert. With audience questions, the panel will discuss whether “this Hussar Stunt” – as Kreipe referred to his capture – was worth the undertaking in both the short and long term and assess its achievement, legacy and place in the annals of military history, endeavour and folklore.

No doubt there will be wine and a chance to chat to friends old and new so do come along if you can to Waterstones Piccadilly on Wednesday 26th October at 7pm. All you have to do is reserve a £5 ticket in store or by emailing Piccadilly@waterstones.com

6 thoughts on “Event: The Cretan Legacy

  1. Terry Moyemont

    It is my fond hope that someday soon, before they are all gone, the citizens of the Amari Valley, particularly in the village of Vizari, where the radio shack was located. When I first went to live in Vizari so many people broke into vast smiles when I asked about whether they had known Paddy. As children they had brought him water, taken his batteries to be recharged at the old mill…he is still an almost mythic in their minds. What he did is a parallel for the Vizariotes to the legends of Mycenean and Minoan heroes…..

    1. Chris White

      Dear Terry I visited Vizari yesterday but couldn’t find anyone who knew of the radio shacks wherebouts. Is there anyone I might seek out who would be able to help me locate it?
      Best wishes
      Chris White

      1. Terry Moyemont

        Chris – Dora, the post mistress, had told me that she took either bread or recharged batteries
        to the place in the valley where they had the shack. I remember that I was told how someone would take the radio batteries into the old mill in Vizari and secretly recharge them. Dora was a very young girl then I may not have the story totally right. All of the older folks that new more details are gone now. I do know that Maria Vouskakis’ late husband, Mihali, knew quite a bit about what was going on….but I’m not at all sure of what Maria knew first-hand. I’ve been trying to reach George Vlastos here in Wyoming to see if he has other suggestions of folk to talk with…but I have had no call back…and he may already left for Kriti. But in case he’s still here, I’ve left a detailed message his answering machine. (In case he’s in Vizari already, just ask for him. Everyone knows George. His house is the next to last one on the left as you leave town headed north.) More soon, I hope….


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