Views of Dumbleton Church

Thank you to Brooke Rozorio for sending me these recent shots of Dumbleton church to share with you all.

2 thoughts on “Views of Dumbleton Church

  1. Elisabeth Whittaker

    In fact I went to Dumbleton Church on 11th February and planted some snowdrops on Paddy’s grave which are a slightly bigger variety than those on Joan’s grave. I do have photos but am not sure how to send them to you! I also visited Kardamyli last summer and wandered around the outside of PLF’s house. It looked well kept. I did manage to meet Lela – what a beautiful lady. We expressed our mutual admiration for Paddy but unfortunately my Greek is non- existent.Thank you very much indeed for doing the blog – I have read every one since the beginning! Elisabeth Whittaker

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Thank you Elizabeth – that is well over 600 posts. Well done!! You can email them to me tsawford[at]


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