The Patrick Leigh Fermor Society is launched

Much discussed over the years, the Patrick Leigh Fermor Society has finally been formed by a group of UK-based Paddy enthusiasts, and is associated with the Alliance of Literary Societies. The press release issued by the Society to mark today’s launch follows. Not sure I agree with the estmate of £500,000 to restore the house but who are we to argue with the venerable Benaki? We shall watch the progress of the Society with great interest and hope to support its activities. At this time we wish them every success.

The Patrick Leigh Fermor Society has been formed to bring together the many PLF enthusiasts in this country and around the world. It will organise lectures and other events and plans to publish its journal The Philhellene three times a year.

The stated aims of the Society are to promote interest in the life and works of Patrick Leigh Fermor and to support his legacy, including contributing towards the upkeep of his house at Kardamyli, which he built between 1964 and 1966 on the west side of the Mani peninsula in the southern Peloponnese. The house is a cross between a farmhouse and a monastery, designed by PLF and his wife Joan, built of old stone among the olive groves, under the range of Mount Taygetus.

PLF died in 2011 and bequeathed the house to the Benaki Museum, to be opened as a researchers’ retreat, and the museum estimates that a total of some £500,000 will be needed for its restoration and upkeep. The Society will work closely with the Benaki towards achieving the necessary repairs and other tasks, so that the house can be reopened as soon as possible to fulfil PLF’s wishes.

In addition to devoting a substantial part of its subscription income to the dedicated fund that the Benaki has set up, the Society is inviting individual and corporate Sponsors to make donations of £100 upwards and several potential donors have already been identified prior to the launch of the Society. It is hoped that special arrangements to visit the Kardmyli house will be made for all members of the Society when they are in the area.

The annual subscription for ordinary members will be £20 a year and there is an option to become a life member for £200. The Society is a member of the Alliance of Literary Societies.

The website of the Society is

Enquiries to: Charles Arnold, Director on +44 (0) 20 8579 1948 or Julia Weston-Davies, Membership Secretary on +44 (0) 1451 850128


3 thoughts on “The Patrick Leigh Fermor Society is launched

  1. Erik Bruns

    Visited the site, but I couldn’t find any information about the founders. Before I join a society I would like to know who are behing it and what is their background. Any idea who they are?

    1. Erik Bruns

      I mailed the PLF society and received all the information I was looking for, so the above comment is no longer valid. I have joined the society as a member. Hope many of us here will do that!

  2. Paul Kelly

    Hopefully the house in Kardamyli gets the reparations and due care and attention. It would be terrible to allow the place to be wasted away.


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