Paddy, Pope Francis and the Second Vatican Council

I couldn’t resist the headline. It is not often that we get Paddy and the Pope mentioned in the same article. So, shameless as this is, I am going to publish as it meets my editorial requirements of “establishing an online archive of all things Patrick Leigh Fermor”. It is also in Italian, but there is always Google Translate for the non-Italian speakers.

The context of the article is the visit of Pope Francis to Turkey – Istanbul link to Paddy – and this new Pope’s role in reinvigorating the Catholic Church and the “trans-Mediterranean” role he is developing.

Read all here.


1 thought on “Paddy, Pope Francis and the Second Vatican Council

  1. Marc Cannizzo

    Perhaps this is a good time to re-read PLF’s discourse on the “Filioque” in “Between the Woods and the Water”?


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