Thinking of buying a Kindle for Christmas?

Kindle fireThe time to start buying Christmas presents is upon us. Some may be considering buying a Kindle for their family members of even as a treat for themselves.

The Kindle Fire is now available at an amazingly low price from £129. It is ideal for reading your favourite books but gives you a whole lot more as it is a tablet allowing you to connect to the web, view video, check email and access thousands of apps. Accessing and buying kindle books online is so easy and takes just a minute to buy and download your books.

If you buy from the Paddy blog via any of the links here it will help raise a few pounds to assist with some of the running costs of the site.

Buy the Kindle Fire here.

3 thoughts on “Thinking of buying a Kindle for Christmas?

  1. Alison O'Brien

    This makes me feel very sad. It seems opposed to all Paddy’s thoughts on the modern world. If the site no longer functions, so be it. Paddy does not need a site. Kindle – no way.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Shall I close it down then Alison? Don’t be silly. Would Paddy have opposed the invention of the Gutenburg press? He was happy to use the technology of motor torpedo boats, aircraft, parachutes and rifles in the war. He also drove motor cars badly and flew in aircraft. He was happy to have his books published in digital format. If the Kindle helps more to find and enjoy Paddy’s work what is wrong with that?


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