Listen to Dolores Payas on the Midweek programme

Drink timeA fascinating, amusing and loving contribution from Dolores Payas, author of Drink Time! on BBC Radio Four’s Midweek programme.

Catchup and listen to the programme by clicking this link. Dolores’ main contribution starts at the 14 minute spot.

Buy Drink Time!: In the Company of Patrick Leigh Fermor: a Memoir by Dolores Payás (translated by Amanda Hopkinson)


1 thought on “Listen to Dolores Payas on the Midweek programme

  1. Dolores Payás

    Thanks a lot for your nice word (bonitas flores!). I enjoyed the program a lot. It doesnt require any effort to speak nicely about Paddy….And there are so many beautiful things to say about him, his generosity, his humanity and his astonishing way to fix himself in the world. Viva Paddy!!


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