I’m speechless!

Dumbleton from Miles 1

Miles Fenton who is Paddy’s nephew has commented about the house and is not happy with what has been done to it.

What have they done to the interior? Gutted it? I’m speechless!
And, as for the short back and sides to the exterior, all charm savagely removed.
So sad.

He sent me some pictures of how things used to be on the outside.

Dumbleton from Miles 2


5 thoughts on “I’m speechless!

  1. Alison O'Brien

    The interior is horrendous, totally bland. What a shame. History and character wiped away with a swipe of white paint and pine. Soulless.

  2. André Mouradian

    I just looked at the pictures again. I would definitely have kept the outside foliage. It does look rather naked now. Shame, and apologies but I think the interior looks great. Different, but great.

  3. Helen Anderson

    I thought for one terrible moment when I read the headline you meant his house at Kardamyli…I hope to God that will be kept the same for ever inside and out as a shrine to Paddy’s style, character and panache. Dumbleton- well am afraid the clue is in the first four letters. It is now indentikit boring characterless modern magnolia’d bland, ruined. Looks more like a new build. Tragic.

  4. André Mouradian

    Hi, I am Paddy’s great nephew André Mouradian, and as much as I respect Miles’ viewpoint, and although the house has undoubtedly lost some of it’s original charm internally, I personally don’t think it is a bad thing as it is now a house for the new millennium and the interior looks totally stunning. Now, I’m going to check my Piggy Bank and see if I have £1.8m in loose change in there…


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