Paddy’s house at Dumbleton up for sale again

Paddy's former home in Dumbleton

Paddy’s former home in Dumbleton

The Mill House at Dumbleton which was home to Paddy and Joan in the UK is up for sale again.

Set in idyllic countryside, the house was sold by his estate following his death in 2011, and is back on the market for £1.8m. It looks to have been extensively refurbished. Interestingly the guide price last time was £2.5m.

Some details here.


6 thoughts on “Paddy’s house at Dumbleton up for sale again

  1. Christos Paganakis

    ( @ Bob in Vancouver ) Yes , this was Paddy’s ( or rather his wife’s ) English home , and when they were in England they spent much time there .
    Odd that having spent so long in Greece he chose to struggle ” home ” to die there instead of staying put , but perhaps that is a universal human instinctive thing , many WW2 fighter pilots recall in their memoires that often doomed aircraft would turn towards home at the last .

  2. Bob in Vancouver

    According to the newspaper “story”, Paddy died the day after arriving at that house. So id he actually live in it?

  3. antoon van coillie

    Usual redevelopment of a character house, losing all the character and trying the maximise its value, losing all the real value : a shame but alas so recognizable .

    ps the “target” buyers probably don’t eat kippers .

  4. Christos Paganakis

    Kirsty and Phil have a lot to answer for . All walls removed to make one lovely big family room downstairs , so the whiff of those Kippers you had at Easter gets right into the pages of Gibbon’s ” Decline and Fall ” , and eleven en-suite bathrooms above as if you were going to open an incontinence clinic . Plus a cooker big enough to cater for an infantry battalion .And lovely contemporary decor in purple and lime green .


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