Balasha or Helene Cantacuzène?

Just as I thought I could take a break from working on some blog posts – I have had to take a break for a while – I received an email from eagle eyed Ian Dunkin who thinks the Balasha picture I just posted may actually be of her sister Helene.

I leave the debate to you but it is a good excuse to put up a slide show of some pictures of the two beauties.

4 thoughts on “Balasha or Helene Cantacuzène?

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  2. rudolf fischer Just saw a photo of old Orsova before progress produced the catastrophe described in the appendix to Between the Woods & Water. The above is the link given. Please excuse the incompetence of an almost nonagerian computer illiterate

  3. Helen Anderson

    It’s obviously Helene, if the one following it is of her, for the clothes, hat, hairstyle etc are exactly the same in every minute detail, it’s the same woman anyway facially. Must have been taken in the same session. No argument possible!


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