Literary and Historical References – A Time of Gifts

The second in the series which presents the work of members of the Royal Geographical Society which analyses chapter by chapter, literary and historical references from some of Paddy’s key works.

This was presented at the RGS in the afternoon talk on 12 December 2012,”Patrick Leigh Fermor: An Appreciation by Alexander Maitland, FRGS”.

My thanks to the Royal Geographic Society for permission to present this.

Download a pdf of this document here.

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1 thought on “Literary and Historical References – A Time of Gifts

  1. lfreundlich

    Of all PLF’s literary-cultural sleuthings, none astounds me more that his demystifying of the the Arian Heresy as he rummages through the scholarly tomes of Count Jenos’s library in the Carpathian uplands. What had remained baffling for Gibbon becomes clear as crystal for eighteen-year-old Paddy. I myself had spent decades baffled by the etiology of the Arian Heresy and how it had divided the Uniat and Roman Catholic Churches. Might it be that this section of BETWEEN THE WOODS AND THE WATER was improved by the added wisdom of PLF’s having written the second volume many years after the event? Well, even if that is true, I have never read a more compelling explanation of the Arian Heresy, nor would I have preferred to hear it from a more captivating source.


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