Patrick Leigh Fermor Memorial Order of Service

The memorial service that took place on 15 December at Saint James’s, Piccadilly was a moving tribute to Paddy, whilst at the same time being a tremendous celebration of his life, and the music, poetry and people that he loved. The order of service is here for you to see.

If there has to be a highlight it was John Julius Norwich and his daughter Artemis Cooper singing versions of D’Ye Ken John Peel and Widdecombe Fair translated into Italian by Paddy. After this Lord Norwich gave a lively and affectionate Address about his good friend of over fifty years.

Artemis has to be congratulated for organising such a successful memorial service which gave a nod to Paddy’s boyhood by including the excellent Crypt Choir of King’s School Canterbury.

There was a final message to us all from Paddy himself:

“Love to all and kindness to all friends, and thank you all for a life of great happiness” – Patrick Leigh Fermor


13 thoughts on “Patrick Leigh Fermor Memorial Order of Service

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  2. Brigitte

    What happened to the memorial service’s sound recording? You can’t listen to such a special recording at any time so I kept it for a quiet evening – now I was prepared for it. And it seems to be deleted? How awful. Is there anything that can be done please?

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  4. Nicolas

    I live in Paris but had the good luck to be in London that day, so was able to attend the service. A memorable occasion! The reading from Mioritza was the most moving moment, I thought.

  5. david

    I don’t think that was Michael Berkeley actually playing; nonetheless, it was indeed wonderful. Also noted that Romanian contains just enough Latin that you can half convince yourself you almost understand it.

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  7. Caroline von Hurter

    very sorry not to have been able to attend Patrick Leigh Fermor’s memorial service, but
    thank you so much for sending the program, which made me almost feel like being present at this celebration of his life.

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Caroline – look out for a recording of the service in the next week or two. I have one on the way to me (mine being too poor to use) which after a little editing will be available to all.


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