Intimate portraits from Kardamyli by Miles Fenton

Some delightful images of intimate corners of Paddy and Joan’s house in Kardamyli by Paddy’s nephew, Miles Fenton. These pictures were taken in 2009.

As you put some lovely photos of my uncle’s house in Kardamyli I thought you might like to see, and perhaps post, some of my photos of his house on your site.

These are, apart from the usual views, vignettes showing some of the more unique and charming architectural details.

Click an image to increase its size and to start the gallery.


12 thoughts on “Intimate portraits from Kardamyli by Miles Fenton

  1. Lemora Martin

    Don’t know how I missed seeing these! What wonderful photos, evocative of a place, a time, a presence. Thank you, thank you!

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Miles – I will try to fix that sometime soon. A good idea. It is difficult to keep all the editorial standards that I would like but it will be done in the photograph section. Thank you. Tom

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  4. Suzi Stembridge

    What beautiful photographs! Thank you for sharing these with us.
    I think that Paddy Leigh Fermor would have been interested in the books I have published on Amazon Kindle ereader – can also be downloaded to smartphone and PC – especially the GREEK LETTERS series. His writing so influenced the writing of these historical novels which in the first two volumes were set mostly in the Peloponnese. We know Kardamyli so well – and Lela and many other people there. Working so hard with our tour operation Filoxenia I didn’t get chance to write them until we retired in 2004 and when they were finished it was too late to show them to him. My literary cousins were lucky enough to meet him.

  5. Helen Anderson

    How generous to share these lovely photos with us. I have always longed to see inside this beautiful house, after the many times I have swum from Kalamitsi beach below it, on one occasion catching a glimpse of Paddy himself moving slowly past an open window; and the times I have followed the path past that blue door and through the olive groves to the tiny chapel nearby, aware that I was walking in in the footsteps of Bruce Chatwin and so many others.
    I was last there only a month or so ago, and my husband and I happened to go down to the bay the day after the official handing over of the house to the Benaki museum. As we walked down the lane we could hear the sounds of laughter and voices coming from the terrace above; it was sad to think that Paddy’s wasn’t one of them. He would have loved the party the night before which I believe half the village attended!
    I think that this house not only contains ‘one of the rooms of the world’, but for its setting, sheer beauty and place in literary history, it is itself one of the houses of the world.

  6. Alison

    Dear Miles, A year ago, passing by your Uncles home, I noticed pebbles neatly piled one above the other at the base of a tree and also lodged in crevices of the olive trees in the orchard near the church. I wondered who had placed them there whether it was Sir Patricks collection/selection or simply visitors. Can you solve the mystery?
    Thankyou and best wishes, Alison


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