5 thoughts on “Greece 2009 (103)

  1. Giandomenico Marrara, Roma/Reggio Calabria

    Beauty is simplicity! So a man so complex and rich loved to live in a simple and apparently poor way; Mediterranean offers that way to his lovers.
    Look for this beauty all along the Ionian coasts, from Sicily, Calabria, Salento to Ionian Islands Kerkira, Ithaki… to Peloponnese and Kriti.

  2. Phyllis

    Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures. It’s interesting to see that one’s sentiments about the house and its creators are so widely shared. I hope that it may some day be a pilgrimage site that readers as well as writers may visit. For literary associations and architectural merit, the Kardamyli home of PLF is unsurpassed.

  3. Kristen Hannum

    I am so happy to have seen these photos. They’re a gorgeous glimpse of beauty, of how humans can fit into nature and make it even lovelier. They make me long to sit at those windows myself. Thank you.

  4. Helen Anderson

    How generous to share these lovely photos with us. I have always longed to see inside this beautiful house, after the many times I have swum from Kalamitsi beach below it, on one occasion catching a glimpse of Paddy himself moving slowly past an open window; and the times I have followed the path past that blue door and through the olive groves to the tiny chapel nearby, aware that I was walking in in the footsteps of Bruce Chatwin and so many others.
    I was last there only a month or so ago, and my husband and I happened to go down to the bay the day after the official handing over of the house to the Benaki museum. As we walked down the lane we could hear the sounds of laughter and voices coming from the terrace above; it was sad to think that Paddy’s wasn’t one of them. He would have loved the party the night before which I believe half the village attended!
    I think that this house not only contains ‘one of the rooms of the world’, but for its setting, sheer beauty and place in literary history, it is itself one of the houses of the world.


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