2 thoughts on “Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor – Memorial Service

  1. Mr Francis Hatton Fermor

    I plan to attend the Memorial Service and should very much like to be invited to the Reception that follows.
    I am a distant relative, in that Paddy’s grandfather was a brother was of my great grandfather. I did have occasional correspondence with Paddy and I also correponded on at least two occasions with Arthemis Cooper.

    Francis Fermor

  2. Elisabeth Whittaker

    Last week I was in London and went to St. James’s Piccadilly to enquire whether I should be able to attend the memorial service for PLF on 15th December as, being a devoted follower, I am determined at attend if I can. I was told that I should turn up at about 10.30 but am still not sure whether I will need a ticket or invitation. Could you possibly confirm the procedure?

    Thank you very much indeed for taking the trouble to send out all the most interesting articles and references. I do appreciate your efforts and my computer is reaching a happy saturation point with all of them secured. Very best wishes

    Best wishes


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