Numbered and bound copies of A Time To Keep Silence

I received the following note from Phil Holden, who resides in Athens, pointing out that A Time to Keep Silence was in fact first published in a numbered limited edition in 1953. I hope Phil does not mind me posting this letter.

Dear Tom,
I have been enjoying your blog about Paddy Leigh Fermor very much – thanks for the effort you have put into it. One point – in your list of Paddy’s books, you have A Time To Keep Silence listed as being published in 1957. That was the John Murray publication. However 500 copies were published in 1953 by the Queen Anne Press. Paddy signed the first 50 of these, which had been numbered and bound in dark blue leather. The other 450 were numbered but bound in cloth and were unsigned. It is a significant book in that the 500 copies represent the only time a numbered limitation took place with any of Paddy’s books and the first fifty of those, which he signed, are the only books he ever signed in a limited printed run (that is, not individual copies or at book signings and launches).
Keep up the good work, best wishes from Athens, Greece.
Phil Holden

3 thoughts on “Numbered and bound copies of A Time To Keep Silence

  1. G. Michael Paine

    There is a wonderful article on Fermor in the December 1, 2010 edition of The Nation. I was going to send it on but cannot figure out how to.
    You may want to post it for others.

  2. George Giannopoulos

    Thanks Phil (and Tom) for sharing this information. I’ve been reading/collecting Paddy’s books for over a decade now and often re-read several of his books….Mani, being my favorite.
    I’ll have to keep an eye for that edition, though I assume it would be extremely hard to find.

    All the best
    (also from Athens, Greece)


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