Parish Notice – Travels with Paddy forum

Just a reminder to you all that we now have our own discussion forum for all things related to Paddy.

If you visit the discussion board here (or click the picture) you can register (very easy and no spam) and join in current discussions or create your own topics.

There is a Welcome to New Members area where you can introduce yourself, with or without a pseudonym, and this is now growing.

The other section I would like to draw your attention to is a discussion about walking Paddy’s route in Romania in 2011. It looks like there may be interest in doing something as a group. Go on; have your say!

Some forums have been set up to start us off but you can add your own at any time; just keep it vaguely relevant to Paddy.

Click on the image to go to the forum

The forum will be an important place to discuss not only Paddy and his life, work, and times, but also some pretty exciting ideas, some of which I will be announcing soon.

You will be free to create your own identity or just be yourself. Go on visit the Welcome forum and introduce yourself. I look forward to seeing you there!

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