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Thank you

I want to say thank you on behalf of my daughter Harriet, and myself, for the response to my appeal for assistance regarding her internship in Germany. There was a large and very helpful response. Some were able to provide direct assistance, others just wanted to pass on their best wishes.

As you read this, Harriet and I should be driving to Munich, via a stop at the Red Ox in Heidelberg, to set her up in her new apartment for a twelve month  internship with Siemens, which is a great result. She will be working on organising the Siemens contribution to the technology fair CeBit in Hannover for 2014, and getting to travel all over Germany as part of her role. Thank you!

One who got in touch also runs a blog which is pretty niche but very interesting. Paul Daniels has recently started a blog which provides English translations of opposition journalism in the Weimar Republic. Some of this literature has probably remained unavailable for a long time. Paul’s work deserves a look, and for some, it could provide a valuable source of new research material.

You can find Paul’s blog here: Die Weltbühne in English Translation.