September Paddy chat – 24 September

The online event we held on 2 July was very successful and great fun. Those who attended wanted more, and there were many others who were unable to make it on that occasion. We sort of agreed to run another sesson after the summer.

To that end I’d like to suggest the next event as Friday 24 September after I return from my trip to the Mani! It could start at 1730 BST or 1800 BST. Please suggest what works best for you in your timezone and I’ll make a Solomon-like call.

I spoke with Chris O’Gorman recently and we thought that this time (as many of us would have introduced ourselves before) that we try to run with some broad headings. We came up with ideas like:

– What is your favourite book or passage of writing by Paddy, and what attracts you to it?

– If you did meet Paddy in the past, is there a personal account you can share about the experience?

– What do you think Paddy has to say now to our fragile and pandemic struck world?

– Where should writers and scholars focus their attention next on Paddy’s life and times?

There are many more possibilities. Why not add your ideas to the comments section? We wil probably only have time for two of these at most; maybe three. We can always run another event.


Date and Time: 1730-1900 or 1800-1930 BST Friday 2 July. Your call by majority!

Location: Google Meets – see link here for requirements including web browser

Invitation: a link will be posted on the blog nearer the time – you will have to click in or accept. There will be no invitation to your calendar so you will have to make your own reminder.

Special Invitations: If you have in mind someone that you would like to attend, please pass on the details to them. If there is anyone you might like me to invite eg a writer or someone similar, please make your suggestion and I’ll see what I can do.

Hosting and Admin: I shall host to start with but this is your meeting so very happy that you take over! If anyone wishes to contact me via email to help with any admin that will be welcomed.

Dress and Protocols: Wear anything you like, or not as the case may be! Bring a drink (Vodka tonic?). I see this as a “camera on” event, otherwise things get very sterile talking to blank black windows on a conference call. As a courtesy to others I think that you should be prepared to have your camera on so we can see you if you wish to attend. In my experience, the quality of video calling makes for flattering images!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post a comment below or contact me via gmail address.

6 thoughts on “September Paddy chat – 24 September


    The undeservedly less well known and extremely funny Three Letters from the Andes ……’it’s a
    Toby Jug culture and. one gallery is filled with earthenware vessels in the shape of fornicating couples: erotobatic stunts in
    elaborate postures, all of them repellently antiaphrodisiac on account of the ugliness of the little monsters concerned. A young schoolmaster was earnestly lecturing a class of girls in front of the most energetic of these show-cases and they were scribbling industriously. Robin and I longed to know the drift of his discourse; but we were too shy to edge closer and eavesdrop. Was he holding up the exhibits as an incentive, a challenge or a warning ?’ ‘..

    Not a quotation but I cannot resist adding the marvellous obituary title from Cornucopia Issue 47
    …….. Farewell to the Guerriilla Grandee.


  2. Helen Anderson

    Hi Tom, great to hear of this; I’m on an archaeological dig that week so 18.00 be better for me. Will probably be so exhausted I’ll be happy just to listen in whatever you decide to discuss, thank you!

  3. antoon van coillie

    Both times are fine on Sep 24’th.
    Back in 2003 I wrote Paddy through his publishers telling him that I had enjoyed reading A Time of Gifts whilst travelling in Cuba. Great was my surprise a couple of weeks later to receive a postcard from him thanking me for the kind words ! This really typifies the man he was to me.

  4. Chris & Michelle OGorman

    Hello Tom

    Thanks very much for this. 24 September is our last night in Crete (all being well) so I don’t think we will be able to join, I am so sorry!!

    I hope plenty of ideas come in.

    All the best – have a good weekend




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