Calling all former PLF Society members; can you help?

Thank you to all of you who have responded so quickly to this appeal. I have all that I need now and my inboxe(s) are overflowing! If you were going to help, thank you, but nothing further is needed. I’ll try to sort this out over the coming period (some of you know how slow I can be so the vagueness is deliberate!). Have a great weekend.

As all readers will no doubt be aware, the misson of this blog is to try to gather all Paddy related material into one useful place, and that has been more or less achieved. The PLF Society commissioned a number of articles and published these in its more than a dozen newsletters. With the demise of the Society and its website, much of this material has been lost to the public (and even former members who have lost or deleted).

I plan to create a little corner of the blog dedicated to PLF Society material as a tribute to the late Charles Arnold, founder of the Society. I believe I have about 40% of what was in the public domain, but would like to get this to 100%. This includes, in the main, the regular newsletters, The Philhellene.

I’m asking all readers if they can forward copies they still have of the Philhellene to atsawford[at] . Thank you all in advance for your assistance. I shall update you all on progress.


6 thoughts on “Calling all former PLF Society members; can you help?

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      No John! It is atsawford[at] – it has now been corrected! Thanks for pointing it out. I’m doing too many things at once!

  1. Robert M Davison

    I sent a whole pile of materials to the email address that you provided, i.e. – and it bounced because the email address doesn’t exist!

    So, please send a new email address and I will send you the complete 12 issues of the Philhellene and much else besides.



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