Finding Bruce Chatwin

Today marks the birthday of Bruce Chatwin, born 13 May 1940. This was sent to me by the author Carol McGrath’s husband Patrick. It’s a reminder of the close friendship between Bruce Chatwin and Paddy, as well as the stunning scenery around Kardamyli. I’m hoping to visit again in September; maybe second time Covid lucky!

A visit to the beautiful spot in the Greek Mani where the author Bruce Chatwin’s ashes were scattered.

Carol McGrath is the best selling author of The Women of Hastings Trilogy – The Hand Fasted Wife, The Swan Daughter and The Betrothed Sister published by Accent Press. She presently lives in the Mani, not far from Paddy Leigh Fermor’s house.


6 thoughts on “Finding Bruce Chatwin

  1. Billy Apt

    In June 2016, I, along with the first “In Paddy’s Footsteps” tour group, led by Dominic Green, and which included Billy Moss’s two daughters, saw this beautiful site. It was pointed out that the little church has ancient foundation stones, indicating its prior life as a temple.

  2. farstar22

    Thank you!  Wonderful.  I made a point of visiting the Mani and Kardamili after reading PLF’s book.  I have read it again many times.  Thank youvagain for your blog.  Best wishes, Florence Dempsey, New YorkSent from my Galaxy Tab® A

  3. slrmacgr

    In part 2 of Nicholas Shakespeare’s 2010 “In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin” TV documentary Paddy and Nicholas visit the church together and Paddy reminisces about Bruce. Sadly this no longer available from Iplayer although fortunately I do have an electronic copy.

  4. pgurris

    Beautiful place. I was there, although I didn’t go visit the church, just Paddy’s house. Interestingly, around the next bend is the village where Kazantzakis had his mine and was working with Alexis Zorba, so you have three literary greats in just a small space of land,it is kind of magical there.


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