The extraordinary travels and art of Jacques Gregoire

Jacques Gregoire

In 2015, inspired by Artemis Cooper’s biography of Paddy, Dutch artist Jacques Gregoire decided it was ‘time to go walkabout’ and follow in Paddy’s footsteps walking to Constantinople. Unlike some others, Jacques recorded his adventure not in words but in amazing watercolours. From 15-26 September, some of Jacques’ work will be on display at the Osborne Studio Gallery.

In these Covid times, it is probably best to contact the gallery if you wish to visit:

The Osborne Studio Gallery
2 Motcomb Street

+44 (0)20 7235 9667

The gallery tells us a little about Jacques and his work:

A tremendous storyteller and traveller who takes notes in form of sketches and watercolours to record life as it changes. He has a deep admiration for wildlife and is a highly skilled painter. The exhibition will show his little gems of sketches from his extensive travels this year.

Dutch artist and wayfarer Jacques Gregoire records nature and the undisturbed landscape wherever he goes, sketchbook in hand. His sketches depict a loving recreation of forests, fields, beaches, lakes, hills and dales highlighting the beauty of nature but also the significance of climate change. Jacques is a highly skilled painter and a true archivist of nature.

The exhibition will showcase Jacques’ stunning watercolours and oil paintings taken from his travels covering his journey of 3000 kilometres in the footsteps of Patrick Leigh Fermor as well as his most recent walk of 1000 kilometres from Amsterdam to the west coast of Ireland.

‘Back in my studio I try to make the landscapes I have seen come alive again. For me they are not a depiction of a landscape, they are the landscape’.

Further details here.

The exhibition catalogue can be viewed here.


1 thought on “The extraordinary travels and art of Jacques Gregoire

  1. Jacques Grégoire

    Thank you very much for posting this article. Patrick Leigh Fermor opened my eyes for the beauty of European nature, people and culture. There is no way going back anymore; I am so inspired I will keep on walking, painting and writing from now on! Kind regards

    Jacques Grégoire

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone



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