South Bank Show on Vimeo

Ever wary that material on You Tube etc may be taken down (there are too many broken links in the Video category), I’m posting this as a separate post just in case the You Tube version I published on 9 June 2019 (was it really almost one year ago?!!!!) is removed.

South Bank Show 15 minute excerpt from the 1989 show. Thank you to Freddie Gage for this.

Leigh Fermor, Southbank Show. from Freddie Gage on Vimeo.


6 thoughts on “South Bank Show on Vimeo

  1. Sean Deany

    Enjoyed watching this short film. In October 2004 I walked from Areopoli to Gherolimenas and am still kicking myself for not reaching Cape Tenaro and the ruined village of Vathia. However a few days later I was sitting down with Paddy in his studio talking travel!

  2. D Graham J Shipley

    I saw this when it first aired, and never forgot it. Is the full programme available anywhere?

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      Hello Graham – I am aware of full copies but there is some reluctance to release. I shall follow this up again.

  3. Felipe Ordóñez de Rivera

    Sadly truncated and chopped about, but intriguing nonetheless. Is it possible to see anywhere the full programme? Thank goodness for Lord Bragg.


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