A request – download the Kings’ College Covid-19 tracker app

Hello All,

Today I’d like to share a direct appeal with you. Many of you may be aware of and are using the Covid-19 tracker app from the team at ZOE and Kings’ College London. Over 2.6m people report their health daily to the site. They are looking to increase this number and have asked that users share a request on Facebook. I thought that I would extend that request to here.

The app can be found on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Follow the link here (from your phone)


5 thoughts on “A request – download the Kings’ College Covid-19 tracker app

  1. Alun Davies

    Quite right Tom – you put a lot of effort into this site and it is most certainly your right to decide what goes into it – don’t worry about “disgruntled from Tonbridge”!

  2. Robert M Davison

    I am sorry but I rather object to this. I do understand the value, but it is not relevant to this list. If we allow this kind of posting now for this instance, then we must also allow it in future for any other kind of posting where someone feels strongly about something. Robert

    1. proverbs6to10 Post author

      You are entitled to your opinion Robert but this is my website and I decide what goes and what does not. Simple.

      I am fortunate that over 2,000 people subscribe to this site. I have the ability to influence and update a number of people, and given the circumstances I shall use this channel for the greater benefit of all.


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