An encounter with Patrick Leigh Fermor by Julia Klimi with her lovely Kalamitsi house photos

Julia Klimi and Patrick Leigh Fermor, July 2007 (copyright Julia Klimi)

Julia Klimi is a renowned Greek photographer. In 2007 she was holidaying in the Mani when a friend suggested that they should go to visit Paddy. She made it in with Paddy’s doctor and was bowled over by the house, its position and the views ‘I had never seen such a house in Greece, so perfectly in harmony with the surrounding landscape.’

She has posted a short article on her website with some very beautiful photos. These are of the house before its recent renovations. It still has everything “Paddy and Joan”. We may have seen some of these rooms before, but Julia’s photography somehow brings a different perspective. There are some of her pictures of Paddy as well as Lela.

You can access the article here on her website. It is in both Greek and English and you have to keep scrolling down to find the further paragraphs.


2 thoughts on “An encounter with Patrick Leigh Fermor by Julia Klimi with her lovely Kalamitsi house photos

  1. Vince Gratzer

    Dear Tom,
    These were some of the best photos I’ve seen of Paddy’s house and its environs, Especially fun
    to see the house as it was when Paddy and Joan lived there. What a ray of light and hope (that I maybe be able to see the the house one day!) in these dark days. Thank you Julia, Tom and of course, Paddy!

  2. helenruston6376

    I so enjoyed Julia Klimi’s photos of her day with Paddy. I went further and peeked at more of
    her work and was astounded at the beauty of her work. Julia has an artist’s eye .. not only for wonderful scenery, but of the people playing and working. The ski resorts in the mountains of Greece were especially beautiful .. she captured the essence of their charm and a wish to be transported to that wonderland by any means possible. Thank you for keeping us posted on all things Paddy because they lead us into a world we may not have known otherwise.


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